Hertz Rocks!

by Jo Anne Nelson on April 27, 2011

What’s the most reliable way to generate customer advocacy and loyalty? Surprise and delight!

Case in point: Yesterday I flew from Los Angeles with my daughter in tow. Sandy and I were working in the Bay area through Friday and decided that we would take her with us to meet her new cousin over the holiday weekend. On Monday, Sandy returned to San Francisco for meetings, and I headed to LAX for a flight home to DC.

While driving to the airport, I was thinking through the logistics of how I was going to get my three-year old and all of our stuff from the Hertz lot to their airport shuttle, onto the shuttle and into the airport. We arrived at the rental return and I sighed a frustrated sigh when I realized how far away the drop-off was from the shuttle. Nothing to do about it, so I hopped out of the car and went into action.

While I was dragging the bags out of the trunk, a Hertz employee ran up and suggested that I leave all of our stuff in the car while he found me a driver to take me to the airport, rather than riding the shuttle. Not only was I surprised, I was completely blown away. My day had just become a whole lot less stressful and my trip more enjoyable. Through the actions of one industrious employee, I became a die-hard Hertz fan. Hertz rocks!

How can you surprise and delight your customers? How can you do it reliably and consistently? Surprise and delight are the keys to passionate customer loyalty and advocacy. Have you noticed that I just became an unpaid, volunteer, walking advertisement for Hertz? Go Hertz!


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