by Sandy Nelson on November 8, 2011

Human beings are creatures of imagination. The challenge is not how to build mastery at imagining as much as it is how to reconnect with the inherent mastery we are born with and welcome it into the present.

Creativity comes from the body. How many times have you gone for a run or walk and then had an “aha” moment where you solved a problem or had a great idea? Begin to listen to, trust and be informed by the images and intuition that flow from your body.

There is little or no mystery to creative process. If it seems alien, it only because it is seldom, if ever, effectively taught outside creative curricula. In short, creative process is a both cyclical and sequential progression of practices that begins with appreciative discovery and ends with implementation. It is the framework around which all creative professionals innovate.

By mastering creative process, we learn to innovate on a recurrent and reliable basis, on demand. At this time in the development of the global economy, there are few greater needs than the inclusion and full integration of effective creative process into your business!

Sandy Nelson

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