It’s Your Choice

by Sandy Nelson on April 5, 2012

The journey of life is largely defined by the choices we make and the consequences of each.

When you experience discontent, feel antsy or under-appreciated, wonder what it would be like to be elsewhere or do something different, just remember that you are where you are because of the choices you’ve made.

When you think to yourself or hear someone else say,

I wish I didn’t have to…

If only I could…

I’d love to…

Stop, take a moment to feel your feet on the ground. Center. Breathe. Accept the fact that you, or they, are choosing to be exactly where you are.

There are few, if any, things we actually have to do. Every action taken is the result of a choice—whether made consciously or not.

Of course, for every choice, there is a cost. To choose one path is to pass on another. To take one action is to decline a different possibility.

For instance, if I choose to start my own business or pursue my PhD, I may have to endure periods of financial strain, long days and missed social activities with friends. Should I commit to becoming a scratch golfer, top tier tennis player, dancer or musician, untold hours will have to be devoted to practice and play. Hours when I could have been otherwise occupied.

The secret to aligning the choices you make with your aspirations and passions is to know and act consistent with what matters to you. Not to your peers, colleagues, friends, family or parents, but to you.

What is your vision for your life and career? What are the values you choose? Which standards will govern for you? What are your goals and priorities for this year, week and today? Which domains of commitment and action do you choose to prioritize? What promises will you choose to make and fulfill in each domain? By when?

Of these, which are negotiable and which are not? Once considered and answered, how will you manage maintaining focus on and consistency with your “what matters”?

These are the questions of a lifetime. The answers are yours to debate and choose. A life designed and potential fulfilled are available to you today.

Do you have the courage, audacity and discipline to do the hard work required to lead the life you want and choose? Are you willing to let go of enough to have more?

Sandy Nelson

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