Leading to Win

by Sandy Nelson on February 1, 2012

To win, I must be all in.

Getting my feet wet, testing the waters, trying it on for size won’t cut it.

Winners get there like this—declare, prepare, fully commit, engage (take action), fail, recommit, re-engage, fail, recommit, learn, re-engage, repeat until success evolves.

There is no half way in winning. Think Djokovic and Nadal. Almost six hours of full on commitment in the Australian heat. Years of disciplined practice, training, coaching, engagement, failures and success.

To win big, I must be willing to lose big. And thus, there was only one winner in the Melbourne night.

But, what if I fail, some say? Lots of risk. How about my bonus? What will happen to my family? Better not to lose than take the risk.

OK. No problem. Play the game at less than full speed. Hold back. Protect your flanks.

In the meantime, someone, somewhere will chose a different path. The question they ask is not what if I fail, but rather, what if I succeed?

Be ready, at the end of the day, the one who goes all in will inevitably win. On that day, those who choose a path of protectiveness and withholding lose.

It’s your choice.

Sandy Nelson

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