Motivating High Performance

Motivating High Performance

We partner with senior leaders in a range of industries—financial services, consumer products and technology, national security and environmental engineering, amateur and professional sports, digital marketing, media and publishing, for instance—to raise the level of play of their talent and teams.

High performance talent and teams are motivated by more than compensation. While they understand that meeting or exceeding financial goals is essential to the health and well-being of any organization and essential to fueling growth and innovation, members of high performance teams are engaged and energized by connection to something greater than the purely financial aspects of business. Let’s face it, we are hard-wired to contribute in ways that satisfy our intrinsic need to give voice and expression to our creativity and make a difference.

For some, this can mean working toward the creation and marketing of products or services that improve the quality of life or the health of the planet. For others, making empowering products or services available to an underserved audience is inspiring.

For example, consider Warby Parker. Four friends designed this business to provides access to beautiful eye wear at affordable prices. For every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker donates a pair to individuals in need. Partnering with nonprofits to provide funding for glasses, Warby Parker supports training for low income entrepreneurs in developing countries so that they can start their own businesses selling glasses. As a result, those entrepreneurs earn a livelihood while fulfilling basic needs of individuals who previously would not have had access to affordable eyewear.

How can you inspire your team and help them feel connected to more than achieving your financial goals? Where, or with whom, are you making an impact? Are you telling that story?

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