Put Self-Care First!

Individual creativity, energy, focus and contribution are directly related to the ‘state of being’ we bring to the playing field each day. Enterprise performance and profitability increase as team member fitness elevates and related costs of health care, absenteeism and attrition decline.

It’s no wonder, then, that our mantra is ‘self care first!’ In fact, in the decade-plus since we founded Aperio, the productivity, creativity, performance and mood of clients that embraced the practice of putting self care first consistently leaped forward.

Over the last couple of years, clients have increasing asked us for help in designing programs for elevating individual and organizational wellness.

Drawing on Jo Anne’s background as a high performance athlete and Doctor of Chiropractic, as well as Rob Stuart’s (our teammate) history as an NCAA diver, degree in exercise science and expertise as a leading certified personal trainer, we are now offering in-house consultation, program design and training to help you elevate results through strategic wellness.

Take a look at our Services page to learn how you can radically elevate performance and profitability while substantially reducing costs by investing in your core asset (talent) first.