by Sandy Nelson on May 2, 2011

To take time for play in some cultures is to risk becoming the unwilling recipient of derision:  “I wish I had time to goof off, take a break, etc., but I have far too much to do.”

To introduce the idea of play an essential part of work is, in other cultures, verboten:  “Let’s either get serious here or find another place to work.”

How sad!

Think about it.

To play is to re-create. To re-imagine. To give new life or energy to. Revitalize, re-energize, quicken, infuse with fresh perspective, thinking and joy.

Creative breakthroughs often happen during play.

What could be more important in an economy and competitive environment where surprise and delight are key differentiators among competitors and essential gateways to customer loyalty and advocacy?

Get busy. Find time to play. Let yourself go. Do what you need to do to laugh out loud today!


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