Simplicity and Elegance

by Sandy Nelson on June 17, 2011


What more do I need to say?

The hard work is getting there. To arrive at simplicity is to have accepted the challenge, asked and answered the questions, done the work, endured the frustration, resisted the urge to compromise with something less. In this world, those who lead learn the practice and build the capability to read the world, see what’s there and what’s missing, and ultimately are able to reduce complexity to essence.

To achieve elegance is to arrive at grace and refinement.  Arrival is discovered from deconstruction—pulling apart to assess what is essential and what is not.  Once essence is revealed, elegance is created through grace in expression.

The MacBook Pro that sits in my lap as I write from The Surrey at E76th and Madison in Manhattan is an immediate example of simplicity and elegance. The fashion of Giorgio Armani, the line of a Matisse drawing, a child at play, the dignity of authenticity, a thoroughbred in motion, courage in action, the joy of winning and acceptance in defeat—all examples of simplicity and elegance.

And in your business? Knowing, articulating and acting consistent with what matters. Understanding that your brand is the promises you make and the way you keep them. Taking the time to connect, planning and executing thoughtfully constructed conversations, being willing to let go and change.  Setting and upholding clear standards. Leading with integrity—walking your talk.

In business, complexity is the marketplace. Winning enterprises and solutions are, need I say it, simple. And also oh so elegant.



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