Standard of Care

by Sandy Nelson on May 24, 2011

As an architect, one of the first things I notice about a building or built environment is the standard of care with which it has been designed and crafted. Paying attention to how well the architect thought through the making of forms and space, the choice and detailing of materials tells me a lot about the quality of the design firm. Seeing how carefully the contractor executes the design immediately categorizes the builder as one I would like to consider for a future project or not.

As a consumer, I also pay attention to quality. What is the product I want or need? How well do alternatives solve for my needs/interests? How carefully is the product made? Does the design excite me?

As a customer, I am immediately aware of the character of the interaction I am having with a vendor, source or establishment. The standard of care they bring to our interaction and evident craftsmanship of their side of each interaction establishes the foundation of my experience and the depth of emotional bond I am likely to forge with them.

Over the course of a given day, we—you and me—have dozens of encounters with inanimate objects and other human beings. Whether overtly or subliminally, we make assessments about quality, craftsmanship and the emotional reaction we have to each.

If we listen carefully to the sensations that arise in our bodies during each encounter, we will “know” which ones we want to build a relationship with and continue to invite into our lives.

Think about it. The standard of care you bring to the design and craftsmanship of all that you do has direct, definitive impact. To those who encounter the products and serves we offer, for all who interact with us directly, the standard of care we bring to what we do and how we present ourselves matters.

Today is not too late to devote yourself, team and company to excellence in design. Today is a great day to take the time to carefully construct a life, message, product, service, conversation and relationship.


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