The “I” in Win

by Sandy Nelson on March 18, 2016

The success of organizations in the early Twenty-first Century is a direct outgrowth of the success of the individuals who choose to contribute their time and creativity each day. Absent individual success, there is no organizational success.

We have embarked on the next great renaissance. Like the Italian Renaissance from the 14th-17th Century, Humanism is the focus.

While the movement of goods and services remains critical to success, core business process and success today revolves around the recurrent and reliable design and delivery of human experiences that surprise, delight and inspire.

Technology is capable of amplifying possibility and creativity, but, within itself, has no ability to intuit and anticipate human joy and delight.

For the organization to establish leadership today, it must turn to and capture the humanity of the individuals that give it life. Absent their presence, engagement, creativity and contributions, there is no there there.

This is the time to bring focus back to home. Everything is personal. And personal begins with me.

I am the “I” in win.

If you want to lead, if you are committed to making a difference, should you aspire to redefine what is possible, turn your attention to those messy, emotional, complex beings that show up at your door each day.

Celebrate each one of them. Nurture each person. Invest in every individual. Inspire all the “i” on your team, in your org.

Above all, thank whatever gods you worship for their presence, engagement and messiness.

They are the very, very best!

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