Three States of Being

by Sandy Nelson on October 24, 2011

Is there something you feel so strongly about that containing your enthusiasm is virtually impossible? Is passion burning inside you?

Do you have a big idea that you feel confident will change your world? Are you willing to take the risk of being audacious?

How do you react when something you really want and/or believe in isn’t happening as or when you would like? Is your level of commitment such that you are determined to find a path to success? Are you prepared to persevere?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are in a good position to lead. If, on the other hand, your answer is negative or uncertain, step back and find a shining light to follow.

We live and work in exciting, complex, and unpredictable times. There is little space at the head of the line for those too timid to risk giving voice to the full force of their innate creativity.

For those unwilling to allow the fervor of their belief in an idea to flow freely, a future of passive observation awaits. People who retreat in the face of resistance will find themselves escorted off the playing field and into the grandstand.

These three states of being — passion, perseverance, and persistence — are on my mind.

Sandy Nelson

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