What is Your Greatest Asset?

by Jo Anne Nelson on December 29, 2009

You are your greatest asset. Period.

Optimal performance is directly related to your level of self-care. The quality of ‘self’ you bring to the playing field each day will definitively affect the level of success you attain, the character and quality of the life you lead, and the career you build.

To perform at a high level, you must put self-care first. When you bring the optimum ‘You’ to the playing field, the possibility is there for optimal performance. When what you bring is a compromised You, your horizons of possibility as well as those of your team or business are proportionately diminished.

I am privileged to have the ongoing opportunity to work with a wide range of highly talented and accomplished individuals across a broad spectrum of industries. Almost all the leaders and teams I work with are engaged in a quest for being the best in their field. All are looking for their edge. They want to define the standards for their industries, and they are smart enough to know that to lead on a consistent basis, they must find and sustain an intangible edge that will differentiate them from their competitors.

For many, the search for the intangible edge centers on outside phenomena. But the leaders who consistently set themselves apart know that the place to start lies within, not without. Those whose lives and careers ascend on a decidedly upward trajectory recognize that to find and sustain their edge, they must consistently and rigorously invest in and wisely manage their greatest asset.

Here are a few simple steps you can take for optimal performance, to optimize the ROI on your greatest asset:

Step One:   Recognize that you are your greatest asset.
Without a healthy body and self, we are simply less – less effective, less creative, less thoughtful, etc. Why would we choose to sub-optimize?

Step Two:   Rethink your definition of work.
Creativity flows from the body. Almost all creative breakthroughs occur when we are using our bodies away from what we generally consider to be work. This is not to say that we don’t need to work hard – we need analysis to have creative breakthroughs. But unless we are willing to step outside analysis and create time for play, we won’t have creative breakthroughs and will never innovate.

Your play, your rest, your self care are as much integral parts of your work as is face time at the computer or time spent in meetings. Success is ultimately defined by accomplishments and results, not by effort.

Step Three:   Apply at least the same standard of care to your ‘self’ as you do to your work and finances.
Would you treat your portfolio, business unit, or product line with the level of neglect we often shower on ourselves?

Pay attention to your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual states of being. If any are imbalanced, it will impact the whole. Where there is imbalance, take action to create balance.

Step Four:  See and treat your loved ones, family, friends, and community as your second greatest asset.
Often, those of us who tend to let self-care go, carry the same pattern to our loved ones, family, friends and community. No highly successful person exists as an island unto themselves. Relationship is everything! Build strong, healthy and supportive relationships.

Step Five:  Prepare.
Have clarity about your vision, values and standards. Take no action that is inconsistent with these. If a possibility arises or a conversation evolves that falls outside of these, you don’t have time for it. Let it go.

Create a gap analysis defining where you are today vs. where you would like to be. Identify the competencies you need and the actions required to get there.

Step Six:  Execute.
Intention without action is meaningless. We produce what we are committed to. Get a coach. Dive in. Practice, practice, practice! Bring focus and discipline to execution.

So there you have it. You are your greatest asset. Get it. Use it.

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