What’s In It for Me?

by Sandy Nelson on November 28, 2012

This is often the first question on the mind of change resistant legacy players asked to buy into the process of transforming a historically siloed, departmentally focused, top down culture driven by self-interest-driven fiefdoms to one, cross functionally collaborative team aggressively evolving from pull to push.

No surprise here. A core differentiator between teams that consistently perform at peak and those that do not is that “Me” comes before “We” at the lower tier of performance.

Inevitably, this topic came up recently in a conversation with a group of executives involved in leading such a change. How do we effectively illustrate the benefits of becoming a high performance organization for change resistant team players?

The answer is simple and involves two parts.

Part One

For some—deeply entrenched, cynical and driven by negativism—you can’t. And, they do not belong in the new culture.

Part Two

For all others, this is a singular opportunity to bring the best you have to the playing field, fully engage your passion and creativity, apply wisdom, expertise and daring as you develop and translate knowledge, critical thinking, problem solving and insights into meaningful contribution and impact.

This is an opportunity to contribute measurable value to a shared vision within a collaborative context where you and your colleagues are seen as the core value of the organization, innovation and leadership flow from every level and position, and conversations are direct, candid, constructive and sincere.

Now, freed from bonds of settling for less than being the best, your success drives organizational success.

Living this change provides you and your colleagues a true opportunity to set aside limiting mindsets in the service of designing and achieving future(s) that you envision and choose. In short, you have now embarked upon a journey that, with focus, discipline, humanity and humor, will transport you from a life and career of lowered expectations to one of full on aspiration and achievement.

As a member of a dynamic, push culture driven by creatively engaged, cross functionally collaborative, high performance individuals and teams, you can shine!

At the end of the day, it all boils down to this—you will find yourself, to borrow the title of Carol Loomis’s fascinating new collection stories about and by Warren Buffett, Tap Dancing to Work.

Think it’s worth it?


Sandy Nelson

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