Widsom in Action

by Sandy Nelson on February 9, 2012

There is perhaps no more important aspect of leadership than wisdom in action. Emotional maturity is a hallmark of effective leadership.

Periods of challenge are particularly revealing—notice how those you depend upon for leadership handle themselves.

Are they outwardly balanced, resolute, constructive and willing to take on whatever is called for from a base of solid grounding and emotional balance? Do they make business decisions and take action based on objective data with situational appropriateness?

Or, do they become overwhelmed by rapidly changing tides of emotion and bounce from position to position, subjugating strategic priorities and spreading uncertainty and  anxiety?

Times of stress are instructive. Notice the adults in the room. They are prepared to lead and deserve your attention, investment and mentorship. To build the future you have declared, look for and build on wisdom in action.

Sandy Nelson

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