The Aperio Building Blocks

Our team built a foundational performance and fulfillment architecture inspired by time-tested concepts, tools and practices from Vitruvius, Leonardo Da Vinci, Chris Alexander, and Dr. Atul Gawande. Our six building blocks have been established over four decades of business and creative leadership. And when followed, clients reach and sustain their full potential. Period. 

We help you engage, produce, and support leadership at every level.



We help you answer the questions, what matters to you? And what mood fits your organization?

The Foundation

We help you focus on establishing and building seamless collaboration that is nimble and evolves organically in real-time. 

collaborative architecture


We help you identify and develop the consistent design processes in your organization that recurrently and reliably generate industry-defining innovation.

Business performance is human performance and when we help generate creative engagement and opportunities for contribution, there is no limit to what your leaders and team can accomplish.



We work with you to imagine, design, and deliver experiences that surprise, delight, and inspire eager anticipation. These experiences turn internal and external customers into passionate advocates.

In 2000, Sandy Nelson co-founded Aperio International, and he continues to lead the organization today. Sandy is passionately pragmatic about helping leaders and teams imagine, design and deliver experiences that delight, inspire and evoke passionate advocacy.  

During his first career as an internationally recognized architect, Sandy spent years leading diverse, multi-cultural, cross-functional teams to world-class performance while scaling, with his partners, a local commercial architectural practice to national prominence. Over time, his interest shifted from buildings to the people and organizations that occupied them, leading him to shift his focus to developing the Human Performance Architecture Toolkit that Aperio’s clients leverage to continuously translate customers—internal as well as external—into passionate advocates.

Meet The Founder