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We help you engage, produce, and support leadership at every level.


We help you answer the questions, what matters to you? And what mood fits your organization?


We help you focus on establishing and building seamless collaboration that is nimble and evolves organically in real-time. 


We help you identify and develop the consistent design processes in your organization that recurrently and reliably generate industry-defining innovation.


Business performance is human performance and when we help generate creative engagement and opportunities for contribution, there is no limit to what your leaders and team can accomplish.


We work with you to imagine, design, and deliver experiences that surprise, delight, and inspire eager anticipation. These experiences turn internal and external customers into passionate advocates.

Teaming for Collaboration

Sandy Nelson

Sandy is the co-founder and leader of Aperio International. A transformational architect who helps leaders thrive at the leading edge of their industries through coaching, building advanced capabilities, designing strategic interventions, and holistic developmental and cultural architecture initiatives, Sandy is passionate about helping all-in leaders flourish personally, professionally, and organizationally.

Sandy wants the leaders and teams he helps to experience life and work in a healthy, vigorous, fulfilling, spiritually uplifting way that exceeds their highest aspirations, cultivates, nurtures, and maintains their dignity, unleashes their creativity, and deepens their sense of success and impact.

Sandy’s clients come from various industries, including technology, finance, law, and sports. They range from MBA’s, PhDs in physics, computer scientists, software, hardware, and environmental design. They are enterprise leaders, engineers, CPAs, lawyers, financiers, editors, publishers, MDs, professional and amateur athletes, data scientists, former career military officers, product and retail program managers, etc.

Sandy has a track record of nineteen continuous years of contribution to the success of leaders and teams at Apple and has worked with other high-profile clients such as Audible, Amazon Publishing, United States Tennis Association, Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, United Methodist Women, American Express, Columbia House, Freedom Communications, Hearst Corporation, IBM, Kennedy/Jenks, The Orange County Register, Wells Fargo Bank and more.

Before founding Aperio International, Sandy had a successful career as an internationally recognized architect. He led diverse, cross-functional teams to world-class performance while scaling a local commercial architectural practice to national prominence. Over time, Sandy’s interest shifted from buildings to the people and organizations that occupied them, leading him to develop his Innovation Studio Toolkit, that consistently helps leaders and teams reach and sustain their full potential.

Sandy lives in Washington, DC, with his wife, Linda, daughter, Gabby, and their Chocolate Lab, Bailey, cockapoo, Oscar, and philosopher cat, Jackson. He is a lifelong athlete, artist, and human creativity and culture explorer. Sandy is finishing a book titled “Thrive by Design: Welcome to the Renaissance 21 Innovation Studio.”

Caroline Wang

Caroline is a highly experienced integral coach and consultant with over 24 years of expertise in human development at the individual, team, and organization levels. Caroline strongly believes our potential to achieve greatness is beyond our wildest imagination.

With a proven track record of impacting hundreds of leaders, Caroline derives great joy and meaning from helping individuals step into their power. She specializes in designing holistic coaching processes that enable leaders to tap into people’s hidden potential and discover aliveness in their work, allowing them to love, laugh, learn, and shine.

As a former People Business Partner at Apple, Caroline possesses extensive corporate HR experience. She recognizes that the traditional people management model is undergoing a historic transformation. The workplace is evolving into a growth space vs. a performance arena. When people thrive, businesses thrive.

Collaborating with Sandy, Caroline aims to create healthy ecosystems that unprecedentedly support human development and business growth. Her impressive success stories include the following: 

  • Navigating complex and fast-growing environments.
  • Facilitating leadership team off-sites.
  • Reviving dynamic inner- and cross-functional team trust and collaboration.
  • Redesigning organization cultures to develop and sustain leadership at all levels.

Caroline lives in San Jose, California. When she is not working, she enjoys hiking, golfing, and skiing with her husband, Tony, and their 13-year-old son Byron. They moved from Shanghai, China, in 2011. They enjoy hiking, golfing, and skiing together in nature.

Caroline incorporates meditation, yoga, and jogging into her regular self-care practices. During the pandemic, Caroline discovered her passion and talent for cooking, always infusing gratitude and love into her food. Her latest adventure involves gardening, where she is learning how to grow plants with the help of time. Caroline has been an avid reader since childhood and dreams of becoming a storyteller with her own books in the future.

With Caroline’s expertise and passion for human development, she is a top choice for leaders and organizations looking to thrive in today’s evolving business landscape.